Enlist with the 53rd
Enlistment Roles

Thank you for considering enlisting with the 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry. We are a teamwork focused relaxed Milsim community who conduct co-operative objective based missions as a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - Coalition Organised Operations Partnership (NATO-COOP) group which does not follow one single national identity: which reflects the multi-national membership of our group. We're looking for mature minded players capable of doing what they're told, when they're told so that the mission is a success; but we also expect you to be an integral part of the team rather than just a pair of virtual boots. You'll be on a first name/ nickname basis with everyone, we understand that although we're serious about Milsim this is still a computer game and we like to have a laugh, so a sense of humour is important. Your application form is arguably the most important part: first impressions count for a lot and the quality and effort you put in will have a big impact on whether you are accepted.

Before you fill out your enlistment applications please read the following requirements:

Applicant must be a mature person that is 17 years or older in order to enlist
Applicant must be able to communicate sufficiently in English both verbally and in writing
Applicant must own ARMA 3 and be able to play the game with additional mods
Applicant must not be a member of any other unit or community that would prevent them from regularly attending official unit events - the 53rd does not have any rules against multiple squad membership unless conflicting op times impact on your attendance.
Applicant must enter a suitable soldier name. Your name on the application is not required to be your real life name so long as it is realistic. Please pick a persona name that consists of both a forename and a surname: you may also add in an additional "callsign" providing it is suitable. Eg. John "Random" Doe.
Applicant must be able to attend operations and events in the GMT/BST time zone - we encourage everyone to join at least 50% of our main operations *

*The unit is based in Europe in the GMT/BST (London/UK) timezone so all applicants should make sure that they are able to attend unit events. Official Missions are hosted on Tuesdays and Sundays at 2000 (8 PM) whilst Training Events are hosted biweekly on Fridays at 2000 (8 PM).

To begin your Enlistment in the 53rd simply follow these easy steps. First you will have to register a new account on our website. To do so please click here to register. Once you register and validate your account you will have access to our forums where we want you to post your enlistment application.

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